Marcel Michelson


Everybody is shouting for attention.

You want your message to be heard.
I can help.

Reputations are easier lost than gained.
Honesty and transparency are key to survival in this online world where everything, eventually, will be found out and nothing can be kept secret for ever.

I can create a media strategy, design web pages, distill messages and craft news releases.

I can give media training and do executive interviews, management coaching, mentoring, team building, performance reviews, cooking classes; you name it.

I was an international journalist and editorial manager for more than 25 years and have experience in company, industrial, financial, political and cultural news.

I know how to take your message to the media, the markets and the world.


A communication strategy is more than a series of news releases and adverts.
What is the image that you want to give and do your acts reflect that image?
Who do you want to reach, where and how?

You cannot switch your communication on and off.
You are constantly in the picture and need to be aware of how your acts and words can be perceived.

A new development, client, product, service.
A crisis or a routine results statement.
It all needs to fit and be consistent.

Corporate communication is not make-up, it comes from within. Once you know what you stand for and how you want to be seen, you can interact with the media and the markets in a honest way.

Your reputation is your brand value, your revenue base, your profit centre. It is based on what you and your employees do and say, each and every day, to your clients, suppliers, banks, partners and other ‘stakeholders’.


Your executives and key staffers may seem natural performers but if you throw them in front of the hacks they risk being torn apart.

A smooth performance in the media comes from training and preparation.

A news conference can be a minefield but not if you have trained for it and are prepared for even the most outrageous, dishonest, personal or confrontational questions.

A television camera can be your ally if you are aware of your posture, your movements and your speech.
If you have a microphone you do not need to shout.

Who is your audience? Are you preparing a fire-side chat with employees or a grilling in parliament?
Do you need to do damage control on national television or are the media interested in your story, success or insight?


Your team, don’t you love them?

They are all individuals with different characteristics and you would like them to do their best and reach their objectives.

Everybody has their own buttons. People do not come to work for the same reasons. If you want to get the best out of a team, you need to know your people.

I can talk to you and your people about what you want and what they are looking for. We can set up performance and reward plans with time frames.

I can mentor and coach your staff.

I can mentor and coach you.


You want to expand your publication to other subjects?
Are you looking to refresh your presentation to attract more readers?
Or you are thinking about a new approach and content for your company Intranet or website?

Let us talk about subjects, about themes, about series, about columns.
Let us discuss the various editorial approaches that can suit your project.
Let us consider the use of multimedia and the question of in-house production versus contracting free-lancers.

Let us talk about reorganising your newsroom, changing the work flows, changing the editing methods in such a way that your print and online activities work together so that you can leverage the capabilities of your teams.

For the benefit of your readers, for the benefit of your subscription and advertisement income.

For your employees, customers and investors.

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