A communication strategy is more than a series of news releases and adverts.
What is the image that you want to give and do your acts reflect that image?
Who do you want to reach, where and how?

You cannot switch your communication on and off.
You are constantly in the picture and need to be aware of how your acts and words can be perceived.

A new development, client, product, service.
A crisis or a routine results statement.
It all needs to fit and be consistent.

Corporate communication is not make-up, it comes from within. Once you know what you stand for and how you want to be seen, you can interact with the media and the markets in a honest way.

Your reputation is your brand value, your revenue base, your profit centre. It is based on what you and your employees do and say, each and every day, to your clients, suppliers, banks, partners and other 'stakeholders'.

Think before you act. Talk to me.